The 12th Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces eNTERFACE’16 was a success!

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Together with Dennis Reidsma, Dirk Heylen, and Vanessa Evers, I organized eNTERFACE’16 this year at the DesignLab, University of Twente. For 4 weeks long, students and researchers from all over the world came together in the DesignLab at the University of Twente, hosted by Human Media Interaction, to work on 9 different projects on multimodal interfaces. In total, there were 70 participants from 16 different countries ranging from the USA to Malaysia and from the UK to Australia. We had 3 invited speakers (Kristiina Jokinen, Anton Nijholt, and Michel Valstar) and courses on Deep Learning, the Social Signal Interpretation framework and Academic English. I had fun hosting the 12th eNTERFACE’16, it was my pleasure! Thank you all for attending!

You can read and see more about eNTERFACE’16 here:!/2016/8/63298/exchange-and-inspiration-at-enterface-in-the-designlab