BNNVARA TV program "We Gaan Het Maken"

May 3, 2021

Together with Louis ten Bosch and Arjan van Hessen, we participated in a TV program from BNNVARA "We Gaan Het Maken" (also known as "The Big Life Fix" from the BBC) to help Joël. A lot of people do not understand Joël because his speech is impaired due to cerebral palsy. We developed an automatic speech recognizer that recognizes Joël's speech and translates it to something that other people can understand. It was a unique experience, and i hope we can help more people like Joël. More information can be found here

ICMI 2020

October 29, 2020

We did it, ICMI 2020 is over. It was a bumpy ride, especially when we had to make the difficult but right decision to go virtual. We would have loved to welcome you in beautiful Utrecht, the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this was not the right time. Thank you to all the participants, the chairs and local organisation, and the student volunteers. Hope to talk to you soon in person. Next up is ICMI2021, good luck to the next organisers!

ICMI 2019

December 24, 2019

ICMI 2019 took place in Suzhou, China this year. Happy to announce that the 22nd ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands next year in 2020 ! We have a great team that is working hard to make another great edition of ICMI. Hope to see you in Utrecht!